PIL filed before Kerala High Court against movie- Eesho (named after Jesus Christ)

On 13th August, an Public Interest Litigation filed by a Christian organization name Christian Association For Social Action.

The issue related to not to grant certification under the Cinematograph Act to the Malayalam movie titled Eesho, meaning Jesus Christ in Malayalam.

Advocate C. Rajendran represented the petitioner and ASG P. Vijayakumar from the responding party.

The petitioner submitted that the sentiments of Christian community was hurt when movie advertisement was released with a tagline “ not from the Bible”.

This created an controversy among Christian community.

A Bench headed by Chief Justice S. Manikumar and Justice Shaji P Chaly dismissed the plea by stating that merely because a film was named after a God, the Court cannot interfere in its certification.

Further the court held that certification on such filmy grounds cannot be dennied
The bench further stated that the tagline was given to avoid any confusion.

Hence the Kerala High Court dismissed the PIL.

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