Twitter has disabled Rahul Gandhi’s account for sharing personalinformation about a rape victim

Today, the Delhi High Court has been informed that Twitter had blocked Rahul Gandhi’s account for allegedly releasing confidential material about a nine-year-old victim of rape in Delhi Cantt and uploading images of her family members on his Twitter feed, citing a breach of Twitter guidelines.

The case was assigned to a bench consisting of Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Jyoti Singh. Mr Gandhi was represented by Senior Advocate RS Cheema, and Twitter was represented by Senior Advocate Sajan Poovayya.

Mr Poovayya claimed that Twitter had erased Rahul Gandhi’s supposed remark and disabled his account “because of an infringement of our guidelines.”

Advocate Gautam Jha, who represents the petitioner, challenged the fact.

When the counsel for Twitter claims that the post has been deleted, Justice Patel says there is no cause to disagree.

The Court noted, “If this is the approach, we would not give notice,” and adjourned the matter to September 27. Short submissions were requested by the Bench.

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