60% More vaccine dose given in Kerala than proposed allocation- Centre tells High Court

On 11th August Central Govt. has filed a statement before Kerala High Court mentioning that the State has supplied adequate doses of covid vaccine under the National Covid-19 vaccination program.

As per allocation for July 2021, state was allotted 39,02,580 vaccine doses. But last month 61,36,720 dose was supplied, which is 60% more .

Liberalized pricing and accelerated National covid 19 vaccination strategy of the centre was challenged.

During previous hearing Advocate S. Prashanth said supply of vaccine is inadequate in the State as Majority of the people in the age group of 45 years could be vaccinated.

Assistant solicitor general P. Vijayakumar contended that vaccine were supplied to state and UTs on a pro rata basis.

State has vaccinated 55% of its eligible population with the First dose compared to 42% at National level.

With regard to 2nd dose coverage in the State was 22% as compared to 12% coverage at National level.

The Center asserted that Kerala has been supplied adequate doses of the vaccines and would continue to be supplied adequate doses as per the availability of vaccine.

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