No Implies No!” Attorney cites from Bollywood film ‘Pink’ in assault case hearing some time recently Delhi Tall Court

Whereas courtroom procedures have been adjusted into reel lives yet in a profoundly sensationalized way, it isn’t frequently that reel life is conjured in interior court. The Delhi Tall Court was, on Monday, privy to a attorney citing a motion picture exchange whereas making contentions with respect to ‘consent in rape’ [Mohd. Anwar vs State of NCT of Delhi].

Advocate Anu Narula on behalf of the complainant, cited the famous “No implies no!” monolog from Amitabh Bachchan’s discourse in Tapsee Pannu starrer, Pink. “Three times she was in a relationship with him. The lady concedes this. In the event that she needed to lie, why would she concede to this too? No implies no! Indeed in the event that she agreed to sexual intercut with the blamed ten times, but not the 11th time, it implies there’s no assent (the 11th time),” said Narula.

Single-judge Equity Rajnish Bhatnagar, in any case, requested that the accused should be allowed safeguard, subject to a surety. The Court was of the see that the blamed and the complainant were having a consensual issue which went acrid after the non-fulfilment of guarantee to wed. The Court moreover took cognizance of the reality that the denounced and the complainant were both hitched to their particular life partners and jointly had children of their claim.

Narula contributes by saying, “I’m a Bollywood fan so I must exhort you to observe the motion picture Pink.” Justice Bhatnagar educated her that he had in reality, seen the motion picture which the circumstance here was very different, “Those young ladies (in ‘Pink’) were basically eating, drinking and merry-making with the charged men. Drinking and eating is exceptionally distinctive from this.

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