CBI does not indicate anything on motive or reason behind the killing of Jharkhand Judge : SC

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has not submitted anything concrete in its status report on the suspicious killing of Jharkhand judge Uttam Anand, the Supreme Court observed.

The CJI remarked Nothing in sealed cover. We want something concrete. Arrest and seizing of vehicles is done by State. CBI has not indicated anything about intention motive anything.

The Court on Monday, directed the CBI to submit weekly reports on the progress of the investigation to the Jharkhand High Court.

We expect you all file counter in that also, the bench told the Union and the States to make an attempt to resolve the alarming situation in the county where lawyers and Judicial officers are being terrorised.

The Court also directed the Chief Justice of Jharkhand High Court to continue monitoring the case regularly.

The Court had berated the CBI and the Intelligence Bureau in strong words stating that they do not help the judiciary at all even during the previous hearing.

The matter is scheduled for hearing on August 12 with regard to the judge’s killing .

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