Chief Justice of India NV Ramana says police stations are a threat to human rights and bodily integrity

NV Ramana, India’s Chief Justice, voiced alarm over the extent of human rights breaches in police stations across the country.

“In our culture, there are still issues of detention torture and other police atrocities. The lack of efficient legal representation in police stations, notwithstanding constitutional statements and assurances, is a serious hindrance to arrest and imprisonment. According to recent sources, even perks exist.

On Sunday, the CJI gave the keynote presentation at an event hosted by the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) to unveil the agency’s “Vision and Mission Statement” and mobile app.

The CJI stated that disseminating knowledge about the constitutional right to legal help and the availability of free legal aid services is critical in keeping the police in check.

“Installing display boards and outside hoardings in every police station/jail is a step in the right direction,” he explained. According to the CJI, Nalsa would have to vigorously fulfill the police officers’ nationwide condolences.

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