WP filed against the government order restricting unvaccinated individuals before the Kerala HC

On Saturday, a petition challenging the government order of restricting individuals that are not vaccinated was filed before the Kerala High Court.

In its order dated 4th August 2021, the state government while relaxing the norms for public spaces in one of its clauses stated that only individuals having taken one dose of Covid vaccine or individuals with possession of RT-PCR negative certificate taken 72 hours before or who is in possession of Covid-19 positive result more than a month old will be allowed inside shops and establishments.

Thus, the said clause is being challenged before the court while contending that the same is violative of basic fundamental rights.

The petitioner argues that he has not been vaccinated yet and there are no guidelines for administering vaccines for drug allergic patients and thus is still unvaccinated. Clause 4 of the government order would restrict him and other such persons. Therefore, it is contended that the said clause is arbitrary in nature.

Further, the petitioner argues that only 50% of the individuals have been vaccinated and such a clause would be discriminatory towards the unvaccinated persons. The petitioner has prayed before the court to quash the order.

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