Nazim Khan and Iqbal moved the bail applications to Justice Manoj Kumar during the hearing.

As per jail records, the orders were delay and passed the communication to the concerned jail authorities after 4 days. Due to this applicant was not able to join the mother’s death ceremony.

During the previous hearing, the court informed that the orders for custody parole were not passed to the jail authorities in time.

The court furthermore directed the DIG to file an affidavit and the registry to file an explanation.

The registrar informed the court that the staff strength is insufficient so only the orders are delayed and could not be sent to jail authorities in time.

The court directed the registry to rectify the mistakes and take corrective steps in forthcoming.

In the Suo Motu case also the CJI said in the Supreme Court for enforcing a new electronic system for transmitting bail orders to prisons due to this the release will not be a delay.

So Delhi HC informed to registry to release the applicants from the prison.

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