SC publishes a notice in the case of allegations for paying the price of sugarcane products to sugarcane growers

On Wednesday the Supreme Court issued a notice in a plea of guilt asking for instructions to put in place a strict mechanism for paying the price of sugar cane products to sugar cane producers and preventing such quotas from building up.

The method was developed to keep cane producers out of the vicious loop that occurs when sugar mills/factories fail, causing their financial situation to deteriorate.

At today’s hearing, the lead attorney Anand Grover, who represented the petitioner, said in a court composed of judges CJI Ramana and Surya Kant that the sugarcane producers who were legally supposed to pay quotas within 15 days of delivery did not receive any payment. He added that they are applying for an order to confiscate the assets of those who fail to pay.

The request has looked for bearings to be given to respondent states to join the sugar stocks lying with sugar plants and industrial facilities and sell something very similar and pay the sums so acknowledged to the sugar stick cultivators or their helpful society by outlining employable headings as formed by the Allahabad High Court in the issue of Rashtriya Kisan Mazdoor Sangathan (Regd) versus State Of U.P (2014).

While asking for bearings to guarantee severe consistence of arrangements of Sugar (Control) Order, 1966, the supplication has looked for headings for arrival of some specially appointed installment to the stick producers against their remarkable contribution.

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