Courts cannot be mute spectator, turn Nelson’s eye:” Bombay High Court

The Aurangabad Bench of Bombay High Court on Thursday registered a suo motu criminal case against black-marketing of the drug, Remdesivir used to treat COVID-19 patients.
This case was registered based on the news published where 32 persons including a doctor were booked by the Nagpur police for black marketing of life saving drug- Remdesivir Injections.

“In such crisis situation, the Courts cannot be mute spectator and cannot turn Nelson’s eye to such incidents which are reported in the newspaper,” the Court said.
Further the court observed that with the rise of covid-19 cases neither the manufacturers of medicines nor the distributor of it were ready for such circumstances resulting into immoral people taking advantage of such situation.

The Court appreciated the Police for their efforts but at the same time observed that people are becoming carelessness on their part for not reporting such instance to law enforcement agencies and are ready to buy the drug at astronomical price.

“In order to send strong signals to people who may indulge in black marketing of life saving drug, it is necessary that the investigation and trial of people accused of black marketing of life saving drug should be taken to conclusion and one of the effective way is to ensure that the trial is completed in swift manner,” the Court added.
Thus, application is proceeded under Section 482 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Advocate SP Bhandarkar, the Amicus Curiae in the Suo Motu PIL in relation to the COVID management was appointed Amicus in the present criminal case too.

The case will be heard again on May 4, 2021.

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