Judge Uttam Anand`s death: PIL before Supreme Court seeks guidelines for protection of Judicial officers and Legal fraternity

In the aftermath of the recent killing of Justice Uttam Anand of Dhanbad, a PIL has been filed before the Supreme court seeking directions to immediately enforce and initiate guidelines directions the protection of the judicial officers, advocates and legal fraternity as a whole.

Further, direction have been sought to Centre and States for grants of ‘X’ category security to the judicial officers in their respective states of posting.

The petitioner also states that the lawyers play important role in the maintenance of peace and order in the society. The peace and order, are necessary for the very existence of the society. And the advocates share with the Judges the responsibility for maintaining order in the community. The reason that in very litigation there would be one losing party and a winning party. The losing party is always likely to blame the judge concerned and the controversy is bound to embarrass the Judge.

The petitioner also said that such incidents tend to sake the confidence of the citizens towards the legal machinery which exist to provide due course of justice.
He further said it is also obstruction of justice because threat on the judicial officers, advocates tend to the functioning and the process of justice.

Adv. Vishal Tiwari also refer the similar incidents including the murder of Hydrabad based lawyer couple named G. Vaman Rao and Nagamani.

According to the petitioner , it is high time, the court has to enforce guidelines and policies, so as to protect the philosophy of independent judiciary and it also promote the free working capacity of the judiciary.

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