Survivor of Unnao rape case filed a lawsuit in the Delhi court, accusing personal security officer of harassment; court requested an impact assessment report

The petition thus requested that concerned police personnel of security refrain from harassing or humiliating her by allegedly restricting her movements or freedoms without cause.

Sessions and the District Judge Dharmesh Sharma has instructed the IO of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to submit the report with the help of local police. According to the plea, the plaintiff and her family members were harassed by Personal Security Officers for allegedly denying her liberty.

According to the application, the victim is unable to prosecute her case efficiently and democratically in terms of her basic rights protected by the Constitution against the accused people, who are reportedly hell-bent on damaging the lives of her family members.

In a comparable turn of events, a similar adjudicator had precluded injustice and connivance in the 2019 Unnao assault survivor auto crash case along these lines declining to take comprehension against previous BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar for the situation. The Court maintained the CBI examination which precluded unfairness in the Unnao assault survivor auto crash case.

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