Is it not individual discretion to buy a drug? : Delhi High Court to Baba Ramdev 

On Friday, the Delhi High Court issued notice to Baba Ramdev and others in a suit filed against the Yoga guru for allegedly spreading misinformation through his statements against allopathy and for touting Patanjali drug Coronil as a cure for COVID-19.

The petitioner claimed that Ramdev made false claims regarding Coronil which is a medicine for COVID-19. Further he mentioned that coronil poses a danger to public health, and that’s why the suit has been filed.

The court by referring to section 91 (public nuisances and other wrongful acts affecting the public) of the Code of Civil Procedure (CPC) asked the petitioner that if the present situation comes under the ambit of the expressions “public nuisance” or “other wrongful act affecting or likely to affect public health”.”

The petitioner answered it by he relying on a judgment given by Madras High Court where it dealt with same question and discussed “what is the meaning of wrongful act” and “scope of public nuisance”.

Furthermore, the respondent opposed the grant of leave. 

The matter will be heard next on August 10 by listening to the replies from the defendants.

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