Supreme Court: Rejected a plea filed by Marxist in Kerala.

On Wednesday, supreme court rejected a plea filed by the ruling Communist Party of India in Kerala asking permission to withdraw cases against its leaders for vandalism in the Kerala Assembly in 2015, when it was in opposition.

The Court ruled that the act of the accused MLAs crossed constitutional limits and will, therefore, not be covered under the immunity granted to law makers by the Constitution from criminal prosecution for acts done on the floor of the house.

The Court said upheld that Kerala High Court judgment stating that the High Court has correctly held that admissibility of evidence etc will be looked into by the trial court.
“We hold there is no merit in the appeals by the Kerala government,”

The judgment was delivered by a Bench of Justices DY Chandrachud and MR Shah on a petition against a March 12, 2021.
The Court during the hearing of the case, had stated that the behaviour by public servants which involved throwing microphone and causing damage to public property, should be met with legal action.

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