Former Supreme Court judge Justice SC Agrawal passes away

On Wednesday former Supreme Court judge, Justice SC Agrawal passed away, aged 87.

The mortal remains of the judge Agrawal is at his residence at Neeti Bagh and will be taken to Nigambodh Ghat electric crematorium where he will be cremated at 4 PM.

He was born on September 5, 1933, further he enrolled as a pleader in district court of Jaipur afterwards he enrolled as lawyer of Rajasthan High Court in 1955.

In 1957, He was called to the Bar in England from the Middle Temple and in 1959 he was enrolled as an advocate of the Supreme Court where he practiced until 1978.

On June 15, 1978 he was raised to the Bench of Rajasthan High Court as an Additional Judge and subsequently on June 14, 1980 made a permanent Judge of the High Court.

Furthermore, on January 11, 1990 he was appointed as a Judge of the Supreme Court and served as a SC judge till September 4, 1998.

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