Children orphaned in and as a result of Covid-19 should be covered by the PM CARES Fund: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court stated that welfare programmes like the PM CARES Fund should support those children who’ve become orphans during the Covid-19 outbreak as well as those who became orphans as a result of the epidemic.

“We are continually discussing execution,” Justice L. Nageswara Rao and Justice Aniruddha Bose Bench remarked. However, because we are unaware of the actual report, children who have become orphans may be suffering, and considering the numbers in Amicus’ report, we believe they require immediate assistance.”

Previously, the Supreme Court had instructed state governments and Union Territories to share responsibility for the continuation of the upbringing of students who were orphaned or lost a parent as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, including in government and private schools.

The Court stated that if the DCPU has a prima facie conclusion that the caretaker is unfit to care for the kid, he must promptly bring the child before the CWC. It required the CWC to meet the child’s basic necessities without fail while the investigation was ongoing. The investigation should be concluded as soon as possible.

The Court ordered the solicitors representing various states to gather necessary information about children who become orphans during crisis after March 2020, submit the material as soon as possible, and submit an affidavit outlining the steps necessary to secure the orphaned children.

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