Two ISRO espionage suspects have been granted interim anticipatory bail by the Kerala High Court

In the ISRO espionage case, the Kerala High Court awarded former police officials S Vijayan and Thampi S Durga temporary anticipatory release for two weeks on Monday. The two were charged with conspiring to detain and torture Arro scientist Narmi Narayanan for spying.

Justice Ashok Menon also prolonged the interim bail granted to another accused, PS Jayaprakash, for another two weeks while issuing the interim orders.

The ASG informed the court that the Additional Solicitor General wants to appear in the case and requested time until the following Monday. Following that, the Single Bench asked if the ASG had learned whether the petitioners would be arrested during the proceedings.

When the ASG raised similar reservations, the court issued an interim order stating that if he was arrested, he would be released on temporary bail after posting an Rs. 50,000 bond and complying with any conditions set by the police.

S Vijayan and Thampi S Durga were represented by Advocate Sasthamangalam Ajithkumar, and PS Jayaprakash was represented by Advocate Kalesveswaram Raj. His arguments were based on the fact that he had been charged with actions that occurred 36 years ago and that all charges against him had been dropped except the claimed one (Section 365).

They also stated that they were willing to help with the investigation. Advocate Sasthamangalam further claimed that the Gujarat High Court had given him and his clients interim bail in the case.

The court granted an interim order to S Vijayan and Thampi S Durga and prolonged the one granted to PS Jayaprakash by two weeks, after finding validity in the petitioners’ claims.

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