Supreme Court seeks response from the Centre and Delhi Govt, regarding the measures taken to vaccinate homeless persons

A plea was filed by Kush Kalra, represented by advocate Mohit Paul, which stated that the government should take measures to ensure that the homeless population was vaccinated.

The petitioner submitted that homeless persons, had no place to quarantine themselves, when they were ill. Many were not aware of social distancing protocols.

It was further stated that if they are affected by COVID19, they would be danger to themselves and to others. And in most cases, they also did not have access to proper medical care or treatment.

The petition stated that the government had to address the needs of this segment of society immediately in anticipation of a third COVID-19 wave.

The Bench was led by Justice D.Y. Chandrachud. The bench termed this as a “human problem”

The court observed that several socio-economic problems drove people into begging. Their poverty could not be wished away by passing an order to remove them from the streets.

The Court issued a notice to Union of India and Delhi government as this is an immediate issue.

The Bench ordered the Union and Delhi Government to inform them about the measures taken to address the human problem.

The court has sought the assistance of Solicitor General Tushar Mehta in the case and has posted the hearing of the case after two weeks.

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