The former State Minister Ramesh Jarkiholi who has been involved in the sex CD scandal case and the Karnataka high court raised questions on the legality of the Special Investigation Team(SIT) probe in this case.

The two FIRs have been filed to stop the SIT investigation and filing final reports in this sex CD scandal case. The court similarly ordered to stop the investigation.

The issue raised by the court:-
The head of the SIT took a medical leave in May and the investigation process had been done without the head of the SIT.

Here is the question raised by the court is ‘Whether the investigation is carried out in the absence of the head of the SIT’.

The court further asked for an explanation about the SOT report leaked on the media.

A bench of Justice directed the state to file a statement of objections. The court by saying orally that they are not going into the merits of the investigation and the court asked the government to explain ‘How the investigation went without a head’

Without explaining this the court will not allow filing a final report.

A senior advocate who is appearing for the victim said to the court that a news report published in the title ‘SIT finds no evidence to prosecute a former state minister in a sexual assault case’.

The court said to Advocate Jaising to file an IA and produce the newspaper report.

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