Military-Grade Spyware for Targeted Surveillance

Senior Journalists N Ram and Sashi Kumar have moved toward the Supreme Court looking for a course for an autonomous request headed by a sitting or resigned judge of Supreme Court to test into charges that unlawful observation has been completed on bury alia writers, attorneys, government clergymen, resistance lawmakers and common society activists utilizing the Pegasus spyware.

The Petitioners presented that worldwide examination including a few driving distributions all throughout the planet has uncovered that more than 142 (one hundred and 42) people, including writers, legal counselors, government priests, resistance lawmakers, protected functionaries and common society activists from India have been distinguished as possible focuses for reconnaissance utilizing Pegasus programming.

The petitioners also ask the Union of India for instructions to disclose whether the Government of India or any of its agencies have licensed and / or used, directly or indirectly, Pegasus spyware to conduct surveillance in any way.

According to the petitioners, forensic analysis of several cell phones on people monitored by Amnesty International’s security laboratory has confirmed security breaches caused by Pegasus.

This is the third injunction previously submitted to the Supreme Court on the Pegasus spyware issue. Attorney ML Sharma and Rajya Sabha MP John Brittas have submitted PIL.

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