“Heinous Crime”: Allahabad High Court Affirms Detention Of 3 Under NSA Who Allegedly Burnt A Young Girl To Death

The Allahabad court last week affirmed the detention of three men under National Security Act, 1980 who are accused of burning a girl alive by pouring petrol, on account of which she died.

The Bench of Justice Ramesh Sinha and Justice Narendra Kumar Johari observed that on account of this heinous crime, public order was disturbed and guardian’s living within the area had stopped the youngsters from going to school especially, the daughters were forbidden.

At the outset, the Court noted that the way during which the incident happened which the petitioners also are the accused within the brutal murder of a young girl, goes to show that their activities were of such a nature which definitely disturb the tempo of society and public tranquility.

Therefore, the court held that the instances of petitioners’ activities, enumerated within the grounds of detention, clearly showed that the activities covered a good field and fall within the contours of the concept of “public order”and the Detaining Authority was justified in law in passing the impugned order of detention as its confirmation order against the petitioners.

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