If you do not respect the system, you will get no respect: Bombay High Court 

Today, Justice Sarang Kotwal of the Bombay High Court during virtual hearings criticized a lawyer for making statements against the Court without realising that his microphone during proceedings.

The young lawyer passed a statement that inspite of virtual hearing people were coming into Justice Kotwal’s court room.

He said in Marathi,
“Bagh Kotwal cha court madhye kiti gardi ahe” (See the crowd in Kotwal’s court) but he was not aware of the fact that he was not on mute.

Immediately, after hearing this statement Justice Kotwal asked he associate to find out the person and to whose chamber he belonged to.

Justice was made aware that the advocate had completed only a year in the profession.

Further Justice Kotwal said that-
“Doesn’t he have manners or etiquette on how to behave? Just one year in this profession and he is making comments against judges and courts.”

After his senior advocate apologized on behalf of him, he was asked to log in through the VC hearing and then the junior lawyer apologised for his statement.

 Justice Kotwal refused his apology and warned him for his disrespectful behavior and said that
“If you do not respect the Court, you will not get respect. You are young. Apart from legal knowledge, you need to learn conduct, decorum, how to address the Court.”

 Before ending the meeting Justice further mention to his colleagues to tech their junior.

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