Because of the school’s neglect during the tour, a student becomes bedridden: The Supreme Court has restored the amount of Rs 88.73 lakh

The Supreme Court, hearing an appeal against the National Consumer Redressal Commission’s reduction in compensation in the case of a student who became unwell during a school visit and was bedridden previously due to the school’s negligence, restored the compensation amount of Rs 88,73,798.

In the appeal filed by the complainant, a Division Bench comprising of Justice Navin Sinha and Justice Subhash Reddy gave the instruction, which lowered the victim’s compensation from Rs.88,73,798 to Rs.50 lakhs by order of the National Consumer Redressal Commission.

In this case, the State Commission and the National Commission reached similar judgments on the respondents’ gross negligence, concluding that the complainant and the teacher, as well as other students, were negligent in their duties.

The National Commission, on the other hand, confirmed the State Commission’s finding and stated that a compensation of Rs 50 lakh would be required.

The Supreme Court has held that an appellate body has jurisdiction to lower compensation and that this jurisdiction stems from the power of judicial discretion to exercise the facts of the case.

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