God will forgive if religious institutions are demolished for construction of National Highway: Kerala HC

The Kerala High Court dismissed the bunch of petitions which sought to challenge the land acquisition for construction of National Highway stating that the citizens should overlook their minor difficulties for the larger objective of development of the country.

The single judge bench of Justice PV Kunhikrishnan held that mere existence of any mosque/temple on the land acquired for the purpose of National Highway should not be the ground of dropping the land acquisition proceedings.

The Court in its order said that, “For the development of the National Highway, if the religious institutions are affected, God will forgive us. God will protect the petitioners, the authorities, and also the author of this judgment.”

The main point on which all the petitioners were contending that the NHAI is not following the directions of the State Government provided for the purpose of land acquisition.

The court observed that the petitioners are not contending whether the acquisition proceedings is violative of any provision of the NHAI Act.

And therefore it dismissed the petitions and refused to interfere in the land acquisition proceeding stating that for the growth and development of our great nation, the citizens have to face difficulties.

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