Allahabad HC rejects bail plea of man accused of killing girl child

The Allahabad High Court recently rejected the second bail application of Mehdi Hasan, who is accused of abducting a two-and-a-half-year-old girl as part of a conspiracy and committing a heinous murder in Tappal area of ​​Aligarh.

The second bail application had been filed under Sections 363, 364, 302, 201, 120-B IPC, police station Tappal, District Aligarh with the prayer to enlarge him on bail.

The Court observed that on perusing the order in Zahid’s plea, it is not evident whether the order passed by the Court rejecting the first bail application of the present applicant was brought to the attention of the Judge.

“The Judge while granting bail to Zahid has principally taken into consideration the fact that the statement under Section 164 CrPC of a minor witness was recorded about 21 days after the dead body was found and that the case rested on circumstantial evidence,” the Court said.

“Bearing in mind the abhorrent nature of the crime which has been committed and which factor does not appear to have been noticed or considered in the orders according bail to the other accused, the Court finds no ground to accord the facility of bail to the applicant. Counsel for the applicant urged no other ground in support of the second bail application,” the order read.

Accordingly, the Court rejected the bail application.

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