Allahabad HC: Criminal procedures against man booked for FB post communicating anguish over wife’s passing

The Allahabad High Court has stayed criminal procedures against a man who was booked for a Facebook post after he misplaced his spouse amid the course of restorative treatment at a healing center (Ashok Kumar Gautam v. State of UP).

Single-judge Equity Dr. Yogendra Kumar Srivastava, said the matter needs thought and issued a note to the State authorities.

The court too remained the criminal procedures enlisted against the solicitor till the another date of hearing.

The direct for candidate educated that the said procedures had been started compatible to a to begin with data report (FIR) dated July 25, 2020, enrolled after the blamed put up a Facebook post. In the post, the accused communicated his anguish due to the passing of his spouse amid the course of her therapeutic treatment.

It was previously submitted that the candidate had submitted a complaint with respect to the matter relating to the passing of his spouse amid the course of her restorative treatment to the Chief Therapeutic Officer, Meerut on September 21,2020. It was, in this manner, claimed that the whole procedures are malevolent and as it were with a see to cause badgering to the applicant.

The matter will be heard once more on September 1.

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