Naresh Sharma, an Arjuna Awardee, has filed a petition with the Delhi HC regarding his non-selection for the Tokyo Paralympic Games

The application seeks instructions from the Indian Paralympic Committee (PCI), which is the highest institution for the promotion and development of sports for the disabled in India, to include his name in the list of selected shooters for the R7 event of the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Today, Judge Rekha Palli will hear the plea for the apparent arbitrariness and inapplicability of the PCI Selection Committee.

In a motion by defense lawyers Satyam Singh and Amit Kumar Sharma, Sharma argued that the PCI selection committee arbitrarily, arbitrarily and discriminatorily did not select him to participate in the Tokyo Paralympic Games. It is said that he meets the selection criteria of WSPS (World Paralympic Shooting Sports) and all the selection criteria of PCI Shooting Technical Committee (STC).

He went on to explain that despite his impressive past achievements, the PCI selection committee arbitrarily and effortlessly chose Deepak to participate in the R7 Tokyo Paralympic Games in place of the competent and deserving Naresh Kumar Sharma.

The supplication additionally appeals to for a heading to the Sports Authority of India to permit him to prepare at Dr. Karni Singh Shooting Range, Delhi.

Petitioner Sharma has asked the Delhi High Court to intervene in the current case, claiming that if the Selection Committee of PCI’s arbitrary, discriminatory, and capricious selection of the shooter in the R7 event is allowed, his legitimate opportunity to compete in the Tokyo Paralympics and bring laurels to the country will be lost.

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