Delhi CM’s promise of assurance on rent payment for poor enforceable: Delhi HC

In a recent judgment the Delhi High Court while hearing a case regarding the promise of assurance on rent payment for poor made by the Delhi Chief Minister during a Press Conference held that it was enforceable in nature and thus directed its implementation.

In this case, the court was dealing with a case of daily wage labourers that were incapable to pay the rent and had sought for enforcement of the promise made by the Delhi CM. The petitioners contended that they were given an assurance that the Government would work for the tenants’ welfare.

The Court headed by Justice Pratibha M Singh held that such a promise or assurance made by a CM is an enforceable promise and its implementation ought to be considered by the Government. The court considered that the CM should have had the knowledge and is expected to give effect to his promise. A promise made to the citizens by the people governing should not be broken.

The court while relying on two doctrines namely, doctrines of promissory estoppel and legitimate expectation held that their concepts depend on a relationship of trust between the citizens and the Government and that for good governance it is vital to maintain such a trust.

The Court directed that the GNCTD would take make such implementations within a period of 6 weeks and would further make policies on the matter. Such an implementation should be done keeping in mind the welfare and the interests of the person for whom the benefits are being extended.

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