Noise pollution by modified Bikes, Royal Enfield Bullets and “other new era two-wheelers:” Allahabad High Court took action against it

While ordering a crackdown on such vehicles causing pollution, the Court also observed that such vehicular noise invades into a person’s right to privacy.

Justice Abdul Moin observed that it is a matter of grave concern that such bikes cause immense noise pollution as well as inconvenience to citizens.

“Let the State authorities look into the matter and take strict action in accordance with law and crackdown on such vehicles causing pollution through modified silencers.” the Court ordered on Tuesday

Justice Moin remarked that the vehicle riders have modified the noise silencers so much so that the vehicle can be heard hundreds of meters away, causing immense discomfort to the aged and the infirm, as well as young children and other persons who may require silence.

The matter will be heard next on August 10, 2021.

In the meanwhile, a copy of the order passed on Tuesday is to be various authorities of the Uttar Pradesh government, including in the Departments of Transport, Home and the Pollution Control Board, as well as the Director General of Police, Lucknow and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Lucknow. All of these authorities have been impleaded as respondents.

The respondents have been asked to indicate to the Court the action which has been taken against vehicles causing noise pollution through modified silencers by the next date of hearing.

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