The concept of ‘Master of Roster’ is not synonymous with ‘Master of All I Survey.’

Justice Sabyasachi Bhattacharyya of the Calcutta High Court on Monday gave an emphatic request having a problem with the exchange of case from him to a Division Bench by the Acting Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal.

Tending to a relevant concern, Justice Bhattacharyya saw that notwithstanding giving explicit bearings vide the previous request dated July 16, to list the moment matter as a need on the following working day for example on July 19, such headings were not followed. Under all other conditions being equal, Judge Batacharia was surprised by the time the matter was

The court pointed out that it did not issue a criminal contempt notice or approval order in civil review matters in accordance with Article 227 of the Constitution, requiring such content to be submitted to the relevant chamber court.

Therefore, Judge Bhattacharyya painfully commented that, without his knowledge, redistributing the case overnight would “be transparent in the minds of all stakeholders”.

On July 19, Judge Bhattacharyya issued a severe order in the redistribution case, highlighting the regrettable state of affairs regarding virtual court proceedings and reducing the legal ruling to a “circus show”.

Therefore, due to such continuous interference with the virtual hearing, a notice of proof of cause was issued to the administrative department of the High Court (including the Secretary-General and the Central Project Coordinator).

In addition, the court emphasized that the Judiciary is the last bastion of democracy, and the transparency of its operation must be the highest priority to give people confidence in the system.

Although the Chief Justice is the ‘master of the roster’, this does not give him unscrupulous powers to act as he pleases without considering the interests of the parties concerned.

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