A well-informed public is essential to the survival and evolution of representative democracy: CJI Ramana

The Constitution of India grants citizens the right to be informed, which includes details on the institutions that support them. Allowing citizens access to see the working of these organs is one approach to advance this right, as a representative democracy can only survive and flourish upon on backs of an informed public.

Chief Justice of India N. V. Ramana shared these thoughts while launching the live-streaming of Gujarat High Court sessions.

“The Courts of our nation, the world’s largest democracy, are the custodians of the Constitutional obligation,” the CJ added.

It is critical that we extend the gates of justice in order to boost public trust and belief to greater levels.

Inequality, social injustice, inadequate knowledge, expense, distance, and time, according to the CJI, made it impossible for some members of the public to fully engage in Legal proceedings, a deficit that may be addressed by live broadcasting of proceedings.

CJ Ramana expressed sorrow that, despite 74 years of independence, the public still has many misconceptions about the judicial system.

It is time to demystify the nation’s judicial system and expand access via open courts. The CJI stated that access to justice will be a real truth when plaintiffs and stakeholders have the opportunity to experience, grasp, and comprehend justice administration first-hand.

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