Talking about live streaming of court proceedings, one must tread the path with caution: CJI Ramana

Chief Justice of India N.V. Ramana on Saturday said that a Judge should never get swayed by popular opinion and must stand up against the popular perception for the call of justice, remembering his commitment to the oath he took under the Constitution.

Justice Ramana expressed these views while inaugurating the live-streaming of the proceedings of High Court of Gujarat.

With increased public gaze, a Judge might become a subject of multiple debates, but that should never deter him from his duty to protect the right of one against the might of many.

Talking about lawyers, the CJI said lawyers should not go after publicity, rather they must ensure to put in all possible efforts to protect the best interests of his clients. They must always uphold and maintain the dignity of the profession.

The privacy of the parties involved and the safety and security of the victims and witnesses must also be ensured for a free and fair trial.

“I am extremely happy to note that the High Court of Gujarat has taken up this initiative to live stream court proceedings and have formalized the same through the institution of rules.

The Committee under the leadership of Justice Chandrachud is playing a wonderful role in bringing all the courts on board to unleash the transparency revolution with the aid of modern technology,” said Justice Ramana.

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