Decide on the proposal to allocate space for HC offices in a vacant government building: The Karnataka High Court will declare

The Karnataka High Court has ordered the state government to rule on court records by July 22 on a proposal to give vacant space in the Directorate of Technical Education building to relocate certain sections of the High Court’s offices.

“The judgment has asked the state government to take a proper decision on the request within two weeks,” the Divisional Tribunal, led by Chief Justice Abhay Oka, announced on June 21, 2021. We will also direct the State Government’s Chief Secretary to ensure that the State Government’s decision is retained on file for a maximum of two weeks from now on.

During the hearing of a plea filed by counsel Ramesh Naik L., the directive was delivered. According to the petition, the use of basements as offices in the High Court building is illegal. The High Court has been asked to issue an order compelling the State Government to provide extra space so that the office’s usage of the basement can be discontinued immediately.

“We have examined the orders passed by this Court from time to time,” the court remarked. The High Court Administration took several efforts to relocate sections of the High Court offices from the basement, which were documented. The proposal was filed to the State Government’s High Court Administration to assign free space in the Directorate of Technical Education’s building for moving.

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