The request made by the Delhi police for an appointment of Special Public Prosecutors for the cases related to violence, disrespect of the national flag has been done on Republic Day 2021.

So here lieutenant governor expressed his disagreement regard to the request of the Delhi govt police to appoint Special Public Prosecutors for the republic day violence case.

But in the Delhi riots case, a similar standoff was taken between the LG and the Delhi government. The difference was raised after the central government notified the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi Amendment bill 2021.

Article 239AA – This provision gives power to LG in a selected category of cases. The cabinet of Delhi govt decided to appear govt panel lawyers in the republic day violence case which occurred at Red Fort.

Such lawyers will act a Special Public Prosecutors for the govt in court. But the cabinet says that to appoint lawyers for their own choice in the case was baseless and unwarranted.

The deputy CM also said in the virtual conference that LG has veto power but he does not have the right to declare what the Delhi govt will do. If he used the veto power as routine it will against the democracy, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court’s directions.

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