Sister Lucy Kalappura argues her own case at Kerala High Court

Sister Lucy Kalappura become first nun to argue her own case before a court in India, appeared before the Kerala High Court today challenging her eviction from the Franciscan Clarist Convent in Karakkamala.

She made continuous requests with respect to allowance to continue residing in Convent but same was rejected by Court stating that police protection can only be granted if she vacates the convent.

Sister Lucy had been evicted from the convent after she levelled allegations of immorality against the Vicar and the Mother Superior of the Church.

Earlier, during the hearing it was mentioned that right of the petitioner to continue as a member of the congregation has come to an end.

At present time she requested the court that not to throw her in the streets and allow her to return to convent.

Further the court said that cannot grant her police protection if she continues to reside at the convent. 

She argued that she may be allowed to reside at the convent at least until the disposal of suit which is pending before the Munsif Court at Mananthavady.

Moreover, it was stated that Court could not look into her right to reside at the convent as the present case is filed for seeking police protection only.

Therefore, the Court reserved its order in the matter.

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