KHCAA advises members to initiate disciplinary proceedings against those engaged in e-filing of cases

On the 9th of July, the Kerala High Court Advocate’s Association issued a notice warning its members that if they continue to use the e-filing method in violation of its decision, they will face disciplinary action.

At its regular board meetings on May 16 and 17, 2021, the KHCAA decided not to use the filing system when filing files and to limit all of its members to the physical form of presentation.

The association recognized the determination of the majority of its members in implementing this decision, but noted that some members made fun of the decision subject to disciplinary proceedings under Rule 13A of the 1971 Kerala High Court Defenders Association rules.

Therefore, the association warned that if it is observed that they are not willing to make corrections, such disciplinary procedures will be initiated against members who breach the contract without prior notice.

This fact comes after the KHCAA took a unilateral position to implement the rules for electronic filing of courts (Kerala) introduced by the Kerala High Court in 2021. The Kerala Bar Association has also raised objections to this regulation.

The association had sent a letter to the Chief Justice of Kerala requesting the suspension of these rules. At the point when no move was made in accordance with this, KHCAA had as of late submitted two elaborate reports in regards to the legitimate and specialized difficulties engaged with the E-documenting Rules.

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