License of a lawyer who submitted fake Covid-19 report for financial assistance cancelled by Bar Council of Delhi

The Bar Council of Delhi has cancelled, though temporarily, the license a lawyer for submitting fake Covid-19 report for financial assistance saying that it has amounted to forgery, misconduct and cheating.

The resolution passed by the BCD states that they have confirmed the originality of the report from the concerned laboratory which said that no such report is being issued by them, and therefore while canceling the lawyer’s license temporarily the resolution also stated that this act “not only amounts to misconduct but also forgery and cheating.”

Therefore, in order to save and protect the credibility and dignity of the institution, the BCD has directed to constitute a three member committee for the enquiry of such disciplinary misconduct.

The committee will consist of Advocate Murari Tiwari (Member, BCD), Advocate Sanjay Rathi (Member, BCD) and Advocate Piyush Gupta (Hony. Secretary, BCD).

Also the BCD has directed the lawyer to file a response within seven days of the receipt of this notice and also mark his presence on July 19, 2021 before the committee.

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