Lawyers for the Hathras victims demand a new departmental investigation and criminal charges against the police officer

In the Hathras Rape Case, the victim’s lawyers on Saturday requested that the General Director of Police (Uttar Pradesh) conduct a new departmental investigation into Circle Officer (Sadabad) Ram Shabd in accordance with state principles of law and natural justice.

Lead Defense Attorney Vrinda Grover called for Articles 166A, 192, 201 and 218 of the Indian Penal Code and the Recognized Castes and Tribes (Atrocity Prevention) Act 1989. She stated that the departmental requirements for Ram Shabd were absurd and illegal and they did not meet conventional fairness standards.

The assertion additionally demonstrated that Ram Shabd intentionally lost key and earnest criminological clinical proof and didn’t record the assertions of the expired casualty’s family. The statement revealed that as part of the department’s request against Ram Shabd, the relatives of the victims were called by Shri Praveen Kumar from IG (Meira District) to record their claims.

Despite this, the Inspector General was not present. Their statements were recorded by the official Ram Shabd himself, who controlled and twisted their statements in support of himself and the charged in the preliminary hearing before the Special SC/ST Court in Hathras. Without the IG, the depiction conveys concern that the official was acting alone and unchecked.

According to the portrayal, the deceased casualty’s sibling Satyendra Kumar was duped into giving an explanation that excused Ram Shabd. The portrayal also highlights the impediments to the perished casualty’s family’s serious participation in the examination, such as her mother’s ignorance, her father’s helpless visual perception, and her sibling’s lack of concentration past school.

The moment the deceased victim’s brother figured out how to search the files, he found that the grout had not been precisely etched, but rather distorted and made to aid the officer. The portrait attempts to truly manage by subverting police inspections, and by affirming that it is inevitable to directly guarantee opposition to separation and interference in state activities.

DGP, Uttar Pradesh, has not yet responded to the representation. In March 2020, the Allahabad Supreme Court ordered an investigation into the victim’s family and lawyers, who filed complaints at a public hearing about the threats received.

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