Allahabad High court on conduction of free election

On Thursday, a person who wanted to contest for Block Pramukh of Development Block Pratapgarh approached the Allahabad High Court at Lucknow but the police authorities were restraining him from filing his nomination paper under the influence of a minister whose son was also a candidate in the said election. The informed the Court that the petitioner was illegally detained along with his family members, so that the petitioner cannot participate in the said elections.

Counsel representer, Sri Rakesh Chaudhary, the Election Commission stated that nomination papers are to be filed in the Development Block Headquarters and submit it before the authority concerned before the deadline. But he and his family was detained.

The case was taken up at 01:15, the court observed that “Free and fair elections to democratic institutions of the country is one of the basic features of our Constitution. Any attempt from any corner including State authorities or district administration to damage the system of free and fair poll is not conducive to democratic functioning of the State,”.

“We direct that while the petitioner undertakes any journey to reach the Development Block Headquarters for filing his nomination papers, he shall be accompanied by adequate police force, who shall ensure his security. The security of the petitioner during this period shall be personal responsibility of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Pratapgarh. He shall accordingly be escorted not only to the Development Block Headquarters but shall also be escorted back to his residence or any other safe place,” ordered by a Division Bench comprising Justices Devendra Kumar Upadhyaya and Ajai Kumar Srivastava-I.

And also directed that
As the nominations could only be filed till 03:00 PM today, the Court directed the authorities to ensure that the petitioner can file his nomination and provide him all the help.
The Police will escort the petitioner to the Development Block Headquarters and then back to his residence.
During the course of the election, Police should ensure that the petitioner can move freely.

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