Is caste-based reservation in education for eternity?’: Appeal in Supreme Court

A petition has been filed by an advocate before the Supreme Court seeking directions to fix a time limit for the abolition of caste-based reservation in education.

Petitioner Dr. Subhash Vijayaran, who is also an MBBS doctor, has made the Union of India a respondent in the petition through the Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education.

A division bench of Justice Nageswara Rao and Justice Hemant Gupta had on June 28 adjourned the petition for a week after the petitioner personally circulated a letter seeking an adjournment.

The present petitioner has argued that in reservation, seat of more meritorious candidate is given to less meritorious, which hinders the progress of the nation. According to the petitioner, if the candidate is enabled to compete in the open, he will not only be empowered, but the nation will also progress.

The petition said that as compared to the pre-reservation era when people tried to get the forward tag, today people fight and shed blood for the backward tag.

“Now, we have good doctors, lawyers, engineers, who show their backward tags to get admission in PG courses through reservation. Even Institutes of National Importance (INI) like AIIMS, NLU, IITs, IIMs, etc. are also not spared. Every year 50% of their very few seats are sacrificed at the altar of reservation. How long will this continue?” The petition states

The petitioner has also referred to the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ashok Kumar Thakur case, which held that majority of the judges were of the view that the need to continue with reservation in education should be reviewed at the end of 5 years. However, even 13 years after the verdict, no such review has been done till date and if it is left to the government, no such review will ever be done.

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