The Karnataka High Court lashed out at the UP Police without ascertaining even the basic facts about Manish and Twitter India’s culpability in the matter.

The judge specifically asked, Whether Twitter India is capable of controlling the content?
The court questioned
“What is the allegation against Twitter India? How does the complainant connect Twitter India.

The judge lashed out the UP Police counsel:-
Don’t bring in IT Rules now. IT Rules will not come here,” the Judge lashed out at UP Police’s counsel asking him not to mix up Twitter India and Twitter INC.

Senior Advocate CV Nagesh, had argued that Maheshwari is merely an employee of the company and he had no control over the video of the Ghaziabad.

UP Police on the other hand claimed the 41A notice was issued to the Petitioner only in a representative capacity and their aim is to merely identify Twitter India head, for which they seek the Petitioner’s cooperation.

The UP Police submitted that notice was issued to the Petitioner as he is named head of Twitter India.

The High Court also heard the UP Police on issue of territorial jurisdiction.

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