Supreme Court grants relief to a bus driver after 26 years

Surendran, a bus driver in Kerala, hit a car, in 1995 and injured the car driver. He was accused for rash driving.

Four years later, in 1999, the local Magistrate sentenced him to six months of imprisonment and a fine of ₹ 500.
The Sessions Court dismissed Surendran’s appeal in 2003.
The High Court too did not find any reason to intervene with the verdict in 2015.
He did not lose hope and appealed to the Supreme Court, which issued notice in August 2016.

After a gap of nearly five years and with no one appearing on the other side for the prosecution, the court acknowledged Surendran’s case.

A Bench led by Justice Ashok Bhushan, was of the opinion that after 26 years, sending the accused to jail, would be harsh and would cause an irreparable damage to his wife and four children.

Keeping these circumstances in mind, the Supreme Court decided to replace the imprisonment with a fine of ₹2000.

The Bench directed Surendran, represented by Advocate P.A. Noor Muhammed, to pay the fine within a month.

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