Firoz Bakht Ahmed V. Union of India

The Supreme Court has been petitioned to issue directives for the formulation of appropriate laws, regulations, and guidelines to manage population growth, which is being referred to as the “root cause of more than 50% of India’s challenges.”

In the spirit of the 24th recommendation of the National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution (Justice Venkatchaliah Commission), Firoz Bakht Ahmed, the grandson of India’s first Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, has filed a PIL questioning the Union of India to formulate effective rules, regulations, and guidelines to control population explosion.

The petition, presented by Advocate Ashutosh Dubey, urged that the Centre should examine the viability of making the Two-Child Law a criterion for government positions, aids and subsidies, the right to vote, the right to contest, the property right, and the right to free shelter, among other things. Besides that, the government has been asked to declare the first Sunday of every month as ‘Health Day,’ rather than ‘Polio Day,’ to raise awareness about population explosion and provide contraceptive pills, condoms, vaccines, and other items to EWS and BPL families, along with polio vaccines.

The petitioner has also suggested that the Law Commission of India must prepare a detailed report on population explosion within three months and propose strategies for controlling it as alternative relief.

Mr. Ahmed, the Chancellor of Maulana Azad National Urdu University in Hyderabad, believes that a cohesive and holistic strategy to population control is required, rather than stand-alone, sporadic initiatives, and that dispersed tactics be deployed in a multitude of settings across the country.

The petitioner has emphasized that lack of development promotes greater poverty, illiteracy, discrimination, lack of knowledge, lack of medical services, and hence increased population growth.

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