Allahabad High Court issues show-cause notice to a police officer who ‘misleads’ the court by mentioning the name of the non-existent police station

The Allahabad High Court has issued a show-cause notice to a police officer for misleading the court by providing false and incorrect information about a police station that does not exist.

Justice JJ Munir issued notice to Amit Kumar, Police Sub-Inspector of Police Station Kotwali, District Bijnor, who had informed the court (through AGA) that a case was registered against a person at Akbarabad Police Station (Amroha) I went. Whereas no such police station exists.

The Court observed that the officer had given false and incorrect instructions to the public prosecutor that the U.P. Gangster Act, station Akbarabad, however, no police station by that name exists in District Amroha.

The court has directed him to be present in the public prosecutor’s office on July 8. It was submitted by the counsel for the applicant that the applicant has become a victim of overzealous action by a mysterious group of policemen, the Special Operations Group.

It was further stated that he was under house arrest and falsely charged with the recovery of some cars along with motorcycles along with several other co-accused.

Filing a supplementary affidavit, the applicant stated that the U.P. No case was registered under section 3(1) of the Police Station Akbarabad, District Amroha with Gangster Act, as alleged. It is noteworthy that there was no police station in the Amroha district by the name of Akbarabad police station.

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