Wild Allegation: Anil Deshmukh’s lawyer compares param bir Singh’s letter against param bir Singh’s prime minister

The counsel of former state home minister Anil Deshmukh referred to the “unprecedented press conference” by 1993 securities scam made by Harshad Mehta.

In Bombay HC on Friday Harshad Mehta made”baseless” claims that paying Rs 1crore to the prime minister while dismissing the FIR petition

Senior advocate Amit Desai illustrated that- “it was in the ballroom of the taj mahal hotel where Mehta was sitting next to the best lawyers in the whole universe and he was carrying a suitcase and said that ‘oh, look how does crore fit in this suitcase. This is how I went and delivered 1crore to the PM (P.V Narasimha Rao) of India.

Late jurist Ram Jethmalani was Mehta’s lawyer. Incidentally, his son, senior advocate Mahesh Jethmalani who has represented ex-CP Param Bir Singh, has accused Anil Deshmukh of corruption and proceedings ends in the present.

Justice S.S Shinde and N.J Jamadar Deshmukh, are challenging the FIR registered against them by CBI under the prevention of corruption Act along with section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of IPC.

the chief justice’s Bench had registered the FIR on April 5th, 2021. After directing a preliminary inquiry against Deshmukh, and asked the CBI to take further action as per law.

Desai Attempting to draw a parallel between Mehta’s allegations against PMs and param Bir’s allegations. Desai also said that the legislature provided certain safeguards to protect officials from such wild accusations

He claimed that the state concursence is required under section 6 of the prevention of corruption Act, despite the CBI ordering questioning

It was necessary to act in accordance with the law even though it had acted in accordance with the law. Before preliminary investigation under 17A of the PCI act, the CBI has a duty to apply to the state for a grant of permission.

Desai even said that “Even Kasab has got the benefit of the rule of law in this country.”

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