Supreme Court Declines To Stay RBI Perception To Bank Under RTI To Divulge Details

There is an invocation made by Punjab National Bank and Union Bank of India but the Supreme Court on Friday refused to stay the RTI perceptions published to them by the Reserve Bank of India to reveal details related to defaulters list, inspection reports etc.

Justices S Abdul Nazeer and Krishna Murari published perception on the writ appeal filed by the banks and posted them along with indistinguishable petitions earlier filed by the State Bank of India and personal banks HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank and Yes Bank.

On 19 July the case is going to be considered. The banks are exigenting the notices issued by the Reserve Bank of India to them under Section 11(1) of the Right to Information Act.

The RTI notices to banks were issued following the April 28 order of the Supreme Court refusing to recall the 2015 judgment within the case Federal Reserve Bank of India v Jayantilal N. Mistry, which had held that the RBI was bound to reveal defaulters list, inspection reports, annual statements etc., associated with banks under the RTI Act.

A bench comprising Justices L Nageswara Rao and Vineet Saran had dismissed the banks applications observing that the Supreme Court Rules didn’t have any provision for filing any application for recall of a judgment.

Justice gave autonomy to the banks to come after other accessible legal remedies against the Jayantilal Mistry judgment.

The banks have filed detached writ petitions challenging the RTI notices issued to them by the RBI.

The banks also assert that their entrants could make use of the disclosure of their internal reports.

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