According to the Delhi Medical Association, Ramdev began false propaganda on COVID treatment in order to promote Patanjali products

The Delhi Medical Association has submitted a Request for Prosecution (IA) in a judicial petition submitted by Baba Ramdev to the Supreme Court to seek comment on his allopathic treatment for COVID19 and against his multiple FIR clubs. The Applicant wishes to be impleaded as a party in order to bring critical facts to light and to oppose the petitioner’s request for relief.

The IA begins by stating that the Candidate Association members have devoted their entire lives to the nation for the past 15 months and have served the Indian public steadfastly in the fight against the pandemic, even at the cost of their own lives, just to keep their oath to serve the country.

The I.A. claims that by insulting allopathy and allopathic doctors by referring to them as “tamasha” and “stupid science,” Ramdev has attempted to create a false narrative that Ayurveda is a better science than allopathic science, and has thus incited people to disregard ‘allopathic’ vaccines and COVID treatment protocols issued by the Centre.

Faced with the risk of Ramdev endangering the lives of thousands and defrauding the whole country, the I.A. has advocated that the DMA be impleaded to record facts and circumstances that are crucial to reject Ramdev’s plea.

The petition will be heard by the Court on Monday, July 5.

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