The Delhi High Court’s ground-breaking decision on feeding and caring for stray dogs

The Delhi High Court has issued many guidelines on feeding stray dogs throughout the city, stating that animals also have the right to empathy, respect, and dignity. The care and vaccination of the dogs are also taken into consideration by the Court standards.

“In enforcing this right, support and prudence must be checked to prevent that this does not impair the privileges of others or pose any threat, hindrance, abuse, or annoyance to other people or members of the society,” the single-judge bench of Justice J.R. Midha said, comprehending that stray dogs have the right to food as well as citizens do have right to support community dogs.

All law enforcement agencies must ensure that the person feeding street dogs at the approved feeding place is neither harassed nor inconvenienced, as per the Bench.

Acknowledging that each dog is a “territorial being,” the Bench underlined that street dogs must be nourished and cared for in areas of their area that are rarely accessed by the public at large and residents.

It made the AWBI responsible for ensuring that each Municipal Corporation has an Animal Welfare Board. The Court ordered that the Board convene its first sitting within 4 weeks and that a record of the court’s ruling is submitted to the Delhi Judicial Academy to inform judges of the court’s orders.

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