Need Central law to save healthcare workers from assault & violence

In this pandemic time , there has been crisis especially in the healthcare system. However, it is an fact that the doctors have stood tall in front of the pandemic risking their own lives.

The medical profession has always upheld a very important position wherein they have had the duty and the obligation of treating a person with utmost responsibility and empathy being under every kind of situation.

However, in the present situation, the effect of such kind of violence/assault against health care workers results not only have adverse effects in the healthcare community but also hinders in discharging their duties in serving mankind.
The World Medical Association through its Chairman stated that “We need to pay more attention to increasing violence in civil situations. Here, there is an urgent need for better protection. Facilities have to be secured against weapons being brought in, especially firearms and knives. Hospitals and clinics must be weapon-free.

However, India in the present scenario needs a uniform Central Legislation which provides preventive security systems and all such measures by the Government along with punishment both in terms of imprisonment and fine, which may eventually lower such acts of violence.

In such situation also, they have been providing their relentless and selfless duty to the mankind. Thus, any violence and assaults on them for matters on which they have no control, complicates the situation.
Therefore, it is the duty of the State to ensure their security and ensure their fundamental rights, especially those enshrined in Articles 19, 21 and 47. Human rights are to be respected and be equal for everyone. The duty they owe towards their patients shall be carried efficiently.
And to ensure a safe working environment for the healthcare professional.

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