Pensioners need not to visit banks for pension, Karnataka Govt. to Karnataka HC

The state of Karnataka informed the high court of the state that during this pandemic, there is no need for the government pensioners to visit bank/office for getting their pensions.

Court has also informed chief justice Abhaya Oka and justice suraj that the state will be providing pension to the senior citizens who are above 65-year old without submitting their life certificates, and making certain procedural compliance.

After this Court order the state to file and affidavit specifying to that issue within a period of 15 days that direction was given during the hearing of a partition field by AKHILA KARNATAKA VYYOVRUDHARA OKKOOTA (AIKYATA).

Further, it states that state Has not forced upon submission of life certificate by any of the eligible senior citizens during this entire covid lockdown period.

The state has paid entire pension amount of all senior citizens up to may 2021, and their is no dues payable left to the senior citizens as of today.

The court also directed the state government to file compliance reports in terms of the direction given on April 21.

The state government will have to make ever possible effort to fulfill the mandate of section 20 of the maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens Act, 2007 and also in place of covid Centers and covid hospitals as well as in laboratories for the conduct of covid-19 test.

Therefore to implement sub-section (2) of section 22 of the said Act of 2007, by prescribing a comprehensive action plan for protecting the life and property of senior citizens.

The Karnataka Maintenance and Welfare of parents and senior citizens are set to perform their duty under clause(vi) of sub- rule(2) of rule 20 to assuring quickly assistance and relief to the senior citizens in this present pandemic.

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